Mani Mansion holds a significant part in Ahmedabad’s social and cultural fabric both before and after independence. Its importance stems from its association with Manibhai Dalal, a renowned social worker and esteemed businessman.

Mr. Tushar Dalal (Manibhai’s grandson) recalls his grandfather saying, once during a visit by Mohandas Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi) to this house, Gandhi told Manibhai that “Khap purtu hoy to lok seva kayo” (if you have sufficient money to live, start doing social work), influenced by Mahatma Gandhi, Manibhai utilized this very house to carry out acts of compassion. He would purchase quinine powder, fill it in capsules, and distribute it to those in need. During winter, he would ride his horse cart, offering blankets to those spending nights on the streets. Mani Mansion enjoyed close proximity to many political and social stalwarts, including Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel.

Mani Mansion also served as a focal point for nurturing social and cultural lineage of Ahmedabad city, hosting eminent literary personalities like Jyotindra Dave, Jay Bhikhu, and Chandravadan Mehta. Legendary artists, theater personalities, and musicians like Ravi Shankar Raval, Jay Shankar Sundri, Bomi Dotiwala, Asha Parekh, Dutch Pianist Mike Del Ferro, Padmashree Shobha Mudgal, and Oscar-nominated Bombay Jayashree.  Stalwarts from the field of politics like Shri. Murli Manohar Joshi and Olympic medal winner Mary Kom.

The mansion reverberated with intellectual discussions, artistic expressions, and the exchange of ideas.

Through its historical connections and vibrant ambiance, Mani Mansion stands as a testament to the philanthropic spirit and cultural heritage of Ahmedabad. It continues to be a cherished landmark, preserving the legacy of Manibhai and contributing to the city’s rich social and cultural legacy.

A section of the heritage structure is still home to the Dalal family and Manibhai’s grandson Mr. Tushar Dalal is keeping the legacy alive by restoring the property and making it accessible to tourists who want to experience the old-world charm of his family home.

Mr. Tushar Dalal :

Mr. Tushar Dalal, a visionary and an accomplished businessman, holds the reins as the owner of Mani Mansion Heritage Hotel, with a keen eye for heritage preservation and a passion for hospitality, he had envisioned the transformation of Mani Mansion into a splendid heritage hotel. His dedication and efforts have been instrumental in restoring the mansion to its former glory and creating its current captivating ambiance.

As an avid traveler, Mr. Dalal has traversed the globe, amassing a remarkable collection of artifacts. These treasures find a prominent place in the carefully curated décor of Mani Mansion. Each artifact adds to the hotel’s charm and serves as a testament to Mr. Dalal’s appreciation for cultural diversity and his commitment to creating a unique experience for guests.

Mr. Tushar Dalal’s involvement in the upkeep of Mani Mansion goes beyond restoration and decoration. He constantly engages in thoughtful deliberation and implementation of ideas to maintain the mansion’s illustrious past and uphold its legacy. Mr. Dalal’s dedication ensures that Mani Mansion remains a cherished landmark, offering an unforgettable stay rooted in heritage.

Under his guidance, the hotel continues to flourish, welcoming guests from all walks of life and immersing them in the grandeur of a bygone era. Mr. Tushar Dalal’s commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and love for Mani Mansion’s rich heritage make him an integral part of the hotel’s success, ensuring its continued prominence in the realm of heritage hospitality.


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