Sabarmati Riverfront

About the location: A resurrection of the cityscape and the river Sabarmati in 2005 led to the making of the Sabarmati Riverfront, a 22km planned promenade of which only a part is now complete. Boating stations and pop-up exhibition spaces are built along the river, but it is the fitness enthusiasts who do due justice to the path on daily walks and jogs. Eleven bridges built over the Sabarmati River connect the old and new parts of the city. Of these, the Ellis Bridge is the oldest – built in 1873. It was a wooden structure that was destroyed by a flood but re-constructed for use. Other bridges include Gandhi Bridge, Nehru Bridge, Subhash Bridge, Vadaj – Dudheshwar Bridge, Sardar Bridge, Chandrabhaga Bridge, Ambedkar Bridge (Vasna Pirana Bridge), Lal Bahadur Shastri Bridge, Fernandes Bridge and the Dandi Bridge.

Flower garden has been envisioned as a permanent flower garden spread in Approx 45000 Sqmt where more than 330 native and exotic flower species. Throughout the year, the garden serves as a city level unique park where visitors can enjoy beautiful flowers of both seasonal and non seasonal varieties. It strengthens the green space network on the western park of the city.

Brief History: The Sabarmati River has been the lifeline of the city of Ahmedabad for centuries. The river was given a prominence when the city went through an urban overhaul in 2005. The riverfront was made an integral part and opened for the public to enjoy a corniche-like walkway.

Visiting Hours

Sunrise to Sunset