Fresh Roast 

Mani Mansion Heritage Hotel Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Unlike other commercial ventures, we take extra care to serve our guests with delicious food that is home cooked and healthy as well. Our chefs, who have a three generation association with us, invest paramount efforts to customize the meals to suit your palate. A multi-cuisine café, located in the chowk of the Haveli, Fresh Roast has a huge spread of courses to cater to the urbane palate. Tastefully furnished to give you a cozy dining ambience with a multi-cuisine menu, Fresh Roast takes special care to serve every guest according to their requirements. The chefs at Fresh Roast invest all the effort to churn out a sumptuous meal to fill your stomach and delight your senses as well. With a seating spread over the garden area as well, Fresh Roast is a place where you can enjoy a meal amidst the serene backdrop of a waterfall. From different types of coffees & mocktails, soups and salads to pastas & desserts, Fresh Roast promises to please your palate.

Rudu Bhojan

For those with a taste for traditional Gujarati cuisine, we welcome you try our spread of the rich and diverse traditional home cooked cuisine. Our “Maharaj” prepares a delicious sumptuous meal which is also light on stomach and is served in in Dalal family’s home traditional ‘Kansya’ utensils.



Banquet & Lawn